Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bury St Edmunds Town Centre


5.30pm 6.3 miles in 51 minutes 24 seconds

Week to date mileage 28.7

Month to date mileage 109

Average weekly rate 31.5

Average Monthly rate 137

Year to Date 509

Life time 8287

I decided just to run where ever I fancied around town. I headed towards the Railway Station past the Falcon and the Rising Sun in Risbygate Street and then up past the Ipswich Arms and down to the Linden Tree .

Then up by St Johns Street past the Bushel into the centre of town past the Grapes and the Cupola House and down past the Masons Arms. I continued on past the Black Boy and down Whiting Street to the Rose and Crown. I then ran past the Theatre Royal and round by the Dog and Partridge.

To think that so many pubs have closed in Bury but I have still only mentioned just some of the pubs that you can still visit. It would be interesting to find a book listing the closures I can think of half a dozen closures along Kings Road alone, but not always their names such as the Cricketers Arms which I think is now a hairdressers. Further down on the right their was another pub and then there was The Market Tavern which was just off from the mini roundabout as you turn left down Kings Road and in the centre of town the cavernous Griffin and another pub can't think of the name of it which was situated where the chemist Superdrug is now. Then there was the St Edmunds Head which is now the Cannon Brewery Restaurant.

I am sure there is a book on the pubs of Bury St Edmunds anyone know of it?

I also photographed the Nestle advertising on what must have been a corner shop. More photos to follow.


  1. Your run around town and the local pubs sounded good. Sadly I think pubs will continue to close. I confess to enjoying an early evening pint but find that its mainly smokers that frequent the pubs at this time so on balance i tend not to awaiting to see how things change with the new law next year! Have been to the Macebearer a few times to watch Arsenal on the big screen...since i was born just 400 yards from Highbury I feel I should offer my support!
    Are you doing the Breakland 10k next week

  2. buryblue instead we should have a pub run, last one standing wins pays the bill. hahaha

  3. Strider - I haven't seen any details for the Breckland 10k is their a web site ?

    Highbury is a classy stadium I have been there 4-5 times most memorably to the FAC Semi Final in 1978 when Ipswich beat West Brom and I was stood at the clock end. It will be sad when this finally closes.

    Heart this sounds like a great idea lets suggest it to the coach on Wednesday!

  4. Details of the breckland 10k are on the the Thetford AC web site could do with a bit more racing..get yourself along there....the next interesting 10k is the one at Kings Lynn on the 28th May.
    Digressing a bit as i do ..met up with some old friends today and did a walk from a village called Moulton near Newmarket..started from a 500 year old pack horse bridge which was quiet stunning..somewhere for you to go with your camera.finished lunch time at the nearby Greene King pub equally stunning...happy running


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