Friday, October 28, 2005

St Edmunds Pacers

Westley Rd and Risbygate Street Circular Run

6.30pm 5.6 miles in 46 minutes 11 seconds.

Year to date mileage 1073

Month to date 122 miles

Average miles per month 108

Average weekly rate 24.9

Weather: Mild and dry

A circular run which includes a measured mile. I struggled tonight I ran slower times than I thought I was doing. First mile in 7.45 and then slipped to 8.05.
Never mind from a positive point of view 33 miles for the week and I also finally joined St Edmund Pacers Running Club.

The history of St Edmunds Pacers running club intertwines with the almost sad history of the Bury Sports Centre. St Edmunds Pacers were formed when the Sports Centre burnt down in 1980 during a spate of suspected arson attacks to provide an alternative means of keeping fit.

As it happens the Bury Sports Centre has again been closed for the last year or so after two more fires though these were seen to be electrical fires and foul play wasn't suspected.

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