Saturday, July 09, 2005

9th July 2005 Hawstead/Nowton/FoxLane Town Circular Run


9am 8 miles in 1hr 5mins 19seconds - Year to date mileage 568, July mileage 33
Weather dry overcast no sunshine 18c

A Personal Best - I have decided in honour of this new blogger diary to wipe all previous times and records and start afresh from today. So no surprise a personal best. This course takes a route out of Bury St Edmunds on the Hawstead Rd then crosses farm land until you emerge near Nowton Park and then returns me home via Cullum Road past the water meadows and home.

Great sight today in the water meadows I saw a heron close up. I don't know who was more surprised me or the bird. The heron was wading in shallow water and stood stock still as if it was a plastic model. I just wish I had my camera on me as this was quite a picture of the Heron against a background of bullrushes.

What is a Water Meadow?

Water meadows have long been in existence in two basic forms: the earlier and naturally occurring ones formed by the regular winter flooding of low lying land usually adjacent to a river; and ones whereby river water is persuaded to flow through an area of land by means of a series of man made ridges and small ditches. I am sure these water meadows are natural, its just a pity they are being encroached bit by bit by both new houses and the Green King brewery.

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