Monday, July 11, 2005

11th July Horringer Farm Circular Run


5.30pm 5.5 miles in 45.17.

Another personal best for this course, as I have said before I have wiped all previous records. I am sure the limited satisfaction gained from this won't last very long!

Year to date 581 miles. July mileage 46 miles. I am currently averaging 92 miles a month this year and 21.2 miles a week. Weather warm sunshine slight welcome breeze.

This course takes me mainly over fields. In the summer the ground is as hard as concrete though I often have to wade through long grass at the edge of the fields. In winter the ground can be a bog and I can end up with 3 inches of mud and dirt stuck to my shoes so that I feel as if I am running with heels on.

The route takes me along fields near by Horringer Court/School near to great Horringer Hall and then over to Lord Herveys Wood up and down Westley lane and return home through Horringer Court .

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