Wednesday, July 13, 2005

13th July West Suffolk Athletics Track


6.30pm 5miles approx in 41.46. Year to date 586 miles, July mileage 51 miles. Weather warm sunshine.

Ran a track session with St Edmunds Pacers. This consisted of the following: 5mins, 1 min rest, 4mins 1 min rest, 3mins 1 min rest and 2 min followed by 5 mins rest and repeat the whole interval a second time. I did 4 laps beforehand and 2 laps afterwards as a warm down.

Felt good, this is about my 4th week of attending track sessions so it is still very new to me. In fact I have never run on this track before but it really is quite an impressive facility to have in Bury St Edmunds. It is an 8 lane international athletics track which is open to anyone to use via the Bury Sports Centre.

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