Friday, July 15, 2005

15th July River Lark / Abbey Gardens Run


5.30pm 5 miles approx in 43.32. Year to date 591 miles, July mileage 56. Weather hot sunshine. An easy end of the week run for a total of 31 miles this week which is good for me as I am averaging 21 miles a week this year.

Course - head out of centre of Bury on the Cullum Rd through the Water meadows. Run past the Rugby Club and the petrol station then turn left following the circular walk sign. The run now follows the course of the River Lark which runs through the back of the Abbey Gardens. Turn left at 'the bridge with a thousand memories' into the park.

Of course the bridge isn't really called that its just that I have so many memories of it from early childhood. One such memory was when when I was about 8 years old. Two or three of us used to go to the local off-licence and ask the landlady for all of her beer bottle caps. She used to be only to please to get rid of them covered as they were with cigarette ash. We would then take them down to the River Lark in the Abbey Gardens and we would then float them upside down in great armadas along the river. We would then take turns at lobbing small sticks at each others ships in a recreation of the Viking invasion. So when I run over that bridge I know there must be literally hundreds if not thousands of beer bottle caps at the bottom of the river.

My route takes me through the Abbey gardens through the main gateway entrance. Turning right and then left up Northgate Street, up Springfield Road then along Risbygate Street and home.

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