Monday, July 18, 2005

18th July Bury St Edmunds Town Centre


6pm 5miles in 43.13. Year to date mileage 612, July mileage 77 miles. Weather changed during the course of the run to a heavy short shower.

Course: I didn't follow one other than to run around the town centre, through the Abbey gardens, and besides the Norman Tower.

The original gateway to the abbey churchyard is said to be one of the purest specimens of Norman architecture in England. Built between 1120 and 1148 by Abbot Anselm its walls are 6 feet thick and 86 feet high. You can no longer climb to the top as it is deemed unsafe. I do remember as a schoolchild being fortunate to visit the top and view most of Bury from its top.

The graveyard has many interesting stones including this memorial stone to 17 protestant martyrs who were burned at the stake during the reign of Queen Mary in 1556. Queen Mary I, or as she was later known, "Bloody Mary," was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

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