Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 3 of Janathon & The Green Hornet

Horsecroft Road

 A six miler today. Not bad but I had intended to run a 9 but due to the heavy rain I didn't get out until 2pm. Some how the odd time, as I normally run mornings or evenings left me feeling a bit flat in my running. So I called it quits after 6 miles as I was progressively slowing down in my mile times.

There was also the problem of the flooded road which I suppose I could have waded through but I would have got wet feet and knowing my luck a car would have come at the same time if I had tried.  I was planning an out and back but instead ran into the centre of Bury St Edmunds and along by the River Lark. This was muddy and sticky and the water levels were high.

River Lark
I will now look to do a long run towards the end of the week. As it is, 6 miles is more than my average run. I am hoping during this 3rd week of January to do 32 miles after my 30 last week and 26 before. I am hoping a steady progression will help improve my running. At the moment when I get beyond 4 miles or so I begin to slow and run out of puff basically. Not sure why or how to correct it but hoping that it will improve by running longer distances more often.

At Cineworld we went to see The Green Hornet. We had hoped to see the film in 2D unfortunately it was only available as a 3D film. What a pain 3D is! Apart from Avatar I haven't seen another film that I thought was worth the effort of donning the glasses. I just don't get 3D I really think it is just a ploy to charge more on the ticket price. There was no point to 3D with the Green Hornet film it added nothing.

I like the comic book hero type films such as Iron Man , Spiderman, Kick Ass, Scott Pilgrim v The World , Fantastic Four but Green Hornet was a disappointment. The side kick Kato is fine but The Green Hornet is a dufus and I realise that it is meant to be this way as this is a comedy. But he is such a meat head all of the time. The cars designed by Kato are great but the film is lengthy and there are not many laughs. A 5 out of 10 for me not helped by the awful 3D.

Day 1 - 5 miles
Day 2 - 5 miles
Day 3 - 4 miles
Day 4 - 4 miles
Day 5 - 3 miles
Day 6 - 2.52 miles
Day 7 - 7 miles
Day 8 - 3.5 miles
Day 9 - 2 miles
Day 10 - 4 miles
Day 11 - 4 miles
Day 12 - 8 miles
Day 13 - 3 miles
Day 14 - 4 miles
Day 15 - 3 miles
Day 16 - 4 miles
Day 17 - 6 miles

Total 72 miles


  1. Thanks for the review, I was wondering whether to go and watch that this week, but think I'll put my time to better use and watch it on sky when it comes out - free and I can switch it off if I get bored! :-)

  2. Great start to the week, and there's always tomorrow

  3. Great distance today, despite the water and thanks for the film review. I don't think I'll bother with that one!!!

  4. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Those roads look like the majourity of the paths here in Wales. Well done for doing teh 6 miler today.

    Green hornet.. By the look of trailer i'll give that on a miss.

  5. Thanks for the words on Green Hornet. I liked the comic book, but every trailer I've seen has appeared to be 'trying to hard'.

    so... why not buy the domain :-)


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