Sunday, January 09, 2011

Janathon Day 9 - Just 2 miles

As suggested by thereisasixpackunderhere, maggiee and abradypus have kept my runs short this weekend. Just 2 miles today and to be honest not sure I felt as if I could do anymore as I am feeling tired today. Hopefully I will be refreshed for a longer run tomorrow.

This morning was frosty after a clear night. It wasn't slippery to run and it was good to have some blue skies I think for the first time in January perhaps.

 Yesterday afternoon went to a local football match between Bury Town and Tonbridge Angels. A couple of photos from this match

Day 1 - 5 miles
Day 2 - 5 miles
Day 3 - 4 miles
Day 4 - 4 miles
Day 5 - 3 miles
Day 6 - 2.52 miles
Day 7 - 7 miles
Day 8 - 3.5 miles
Day 9 - 2 miles

Total 36 miles


  1. Anonymous12:34 pm

    I kept it short today too, with a single mile. Let's raise a toast to fully recharged legs for tomorrow!

  2. The exact same thing happened to me today...I managed 2.4 but barely and very, very slowly. Hopefully a good night's rest will help get the energy levels back up tomorrow. Nice work with your mileage so far as well!


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