Saturday, January 01, 2011

My New Years Resoloution Is to go for a Streak

This morning I stepped out of the front door and went for a streak. I was largely unnoticed as half the country battles with morning after hangovers. Still there was the odd twitching of a curtain and I could feel eyes upon me.

What kind of nutter goes out for a streak on New Years Day especially when it is drizzling? I do and I wasn't alone as I know that another 150 or so folk around the World who are joined together by something called Janathon are also planning to streak.

To be fair to call it a streak would indicate that I have either taken my clothes off or I have run on consecutive days for a period of time. I cannot claim either at the moment. However my aim is to run every day and blog about it throughout January and this I think would qualify me for the latter of the two types of streak. However I guess the rules of Janathon don't mention any need for wearing clothes so as long as you run and you don't get caught I guess that would also count. Any Janathoners want to comment on this ? try it ? and if so don't forget the photos!

The reason for me talking about streaking was the realisation that I have probably never run for more than about 10 days in a row so to try and do 31 is a challenge that I will probably not achieve though I am going to have fun trying. Of course everything is comparable and some of you will know of Ron Hill who hasn't missed a days running since December 20th 1964. Yes 46 years and around 17,000 days of non stop running so how hard can 31 days be? Well hard enough I know.

There is even a United States Running Streak Association with many members having a running streak of up to 40 years. A quick look at their rules to qualify you need to run at least 1 mile every day and to be listed on their website you need to have completed a 1 year streak.

The first day is always the easiest and my 5 miles around Bury St Edmunds Suffolk were completed in around 45 minutes with out any problems. The photograph is an area of water meadows which are prone to flooding near the Greene King Brewery in Bury St Edmunds.


  1. Good luck with your streak

  2. Got my attention! Well done & happy new year :)

  3. So I have to admit, for the first half of this post I thought you had literally just gone running naked through the county-side. Props on a catchy post, haha!

  4. Ha ha... I read your first paragraph twice before reading on thinking... did he run naked?! Brilliant! :-)

  5. So it's Streakathon next time - I had to double take to check that you weren't running in the nick too. Good post and good luck with Janathon.

  6. Love the post...but I think I'll stick with the "running" kind of streak. Anything else around my home town would probably get me arrested ;) Happy Janathon, Day 1!

  7. Now there's a tempting thought - it wouldn't be the first time, but alcohol is usually involved! If I make a 31 day unbroken streak I might go for the other kind too...


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