Thursday, January 20, 2011

Janathon Day 20 - 2011

 One of those more tiring days where I didn't manage to get out and do the run early and consequently felt tired. This was clearly a mental block rather than a physical one as  I  did the 3 miles at a quicker pace than I have ran for 10 days.  Odd really as I felt really washed out and it was more of an effort to get out the door and I didn't feel I was running any quicker.

 Anyway mission complete for day 20 of Janathon and out it down to one of those days. Listened to 4 feet running podcast as I ran. This used to be a regularly podcast that I listened to whilst running but they retired from putting out any new episodes a year or so ago. However they have just issued a couple of special episodes and it was good to catch up on what they have been up to in the meantime.

Day 1 - 5 miles
Day 2 - 5 miles
Day 3 - 4 miles
Day 4 - 4 miles
Day 5 - 3 miles
Day 6 - 2.52 miles
Day 7 - 7 miles
Day 8 - 3.5 miles
Day 9 - 2 miles
Day 10 - 4 miles
Day 11 - 4 miles
Day 12 - 8 miles
Day 13 - 3 miles
Day 14 - 4 miles
Day 15 - 3 miles
Day 16 - 4 miles
Day 17 - 6 miles
Day 18 - 6 miles
Day 19 - 4 miles
Day 20 - 3 miles

Total 85 miles


  1. Anonymous4:28 pm

    I always find it odd how one's perception of a run is often very different to how it is actually going. I assume it is outside factors like wind or as was case for me at the weekend, competition. I ran an organised 5K and because so many people overtook me I assumed the worst. Actually knocked 1 min 30 off my PB. Odd.

  2. well done for getting out, when you wernt feeling like it, and then you had a great run, wierd that

  3. Anonymous10:08 pm

    A good podcast to listen to is the Ricky Gervais stuff if you want a laugh while you run.

    Well done for day 20!

  4. I've had a few days that felt like that as well. Good job for getting out there and getting the run done!


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