Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Big Lebowski & a White Russian

After yesterdays first Janathon run we relaxed in the afternoon by watching another in the boxed set of Coen Brothers films - The Big Lebowski. of those I have seen my faves so far would be the Hudsucker Proxy , Blood Simple and  No Country for Old Men.

The Big Lebowski stars Jeff Bridges who plays Lebowski but is known as the Dude. The Dude  is a big fan of White Russian cocktails and there is hardly a scene in the film where he isn;t downing one! After watching this film Sarah and I both had a craving for White Russian and after a  quick google  to remind our selves how to make one we found we had the right drinks to mix one. There are several variants but basically it is half vodka a quarter coffee liqueur (Tia maria is fine) and a quarter fresh cream or milk. Pour on to ice a little stir and yeah a nice way to celebrate the new year and completing day 1 of Janathon.

Day 2 of Janathon no colds and no injury so no excuse not to get up and run. This morning was a notch cooler and I regretted not wearing my gloves for the first 15 minutes until I warmed up. I ran another 5 mile loop around Bury St Edmunds and listened to Ramblings with Clare Balding in this particular episode she was walking in the Pentland Hills near beautiful Edinburgh and for 30 Min's I was transported to Scotland and the run was almost forgotten.

Still has time to take a couple of photos. This one is a memorial to Ouida

Its design is to provide a drinking trough for dogs and horses. Her real name was Louise Rame and she was born in Bury St Edmunds in 1839 died 1908.This memorial stone was placed in 1908 from funds raised by national newspapers . Apparently several thousand people came from all over the country came to pay tribute to this author who was one of the most popular novelists of her age.

Has anyone ever read one of her stories? They appear to be romantic tales perhaps a bit Catherine Cookson and include Under Two Flags (1867), Moths (1880), and In Maremma (1882). Her stories for children include Two Little Wooden Shoes (1874), Bimbi (1882), and the Dog of Flanders (1872).

One of her quotations was "A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run."

She made a lot of money from her books but apparently squandered it in London at Langhams where she held large parties. Apparently she wrote a number of her books at Langhams surrounded by candles writing with a quill on purple paper. She died in near poverty in Italy.

The 2nd photo is another from the Water Meadows in Cullum Rd Bury St Edmunds. 

That's day 2 of Janathon completed and hope everyone taking part is faring well so far.


  1. lovely photos. thanks for taking me along your run with you.

  2. I love the Big Lebowski. With a mixture of Jeff Bridges and the Coens how could it not be great. It is worth trying find 'Cutter's Way' to compare the Jeff Bridges roles.

    Glad janathon is going well

  3. Thank you Chris this is the fun of Janathon sharing thoughts and photos

  4. Thanks Highway Kind - I will be sure to look out for Cutters Way as I haven't seen it

  5. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Nice post...

    Without having a sip of alcohol in the past 3 years you may temp me into having a cheaky cocktail..

    If you want a different tipple try Amaretto and coke!
    Keep up the bloggin Good luck with Janathon!


  6. White Russians sound delicious! Great way to bring in the New Year. Well done on the run.

  7. Thanks Martyn wouldn't want to lead you astray now but I will look into the amaretto!

  8. Thanks Vicky keep on running thanks for popping by

  9. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Travelogue / film guide / cocktail suggestions. Love it.

  10. White Russian.....yummy! I'd rather that than a cranberry smoothie any time, but I have enough trouble staying upright when I'm sober!!
    Good luck and keep in touch xx

  11. I reckon your angle should be a cocktail recipe a day throughout Jan. I cannot bowl without thinking about Jesus, and me an atheist. happy running and cheers


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