Monday, March 08, 2010

Seven Mile Circular Run Fornham Suffolk

After yesterdays 13 miles I was a little tired and I had to talk to myself at least twice before I decided I was running. Half the battle I decided was to get changed into my running gear but I have been beaten before at this stage and not then gone out of the door.  However I convinced my self to go as I know I definitely cannot run tomorrrow night as I am at the football.

This convinced me along with the thought that I would run slow around the villages in Fornham Suffolk. The weather continues to be dry and cool and tonight there was a breeze and I wore hat and gloves.

Although I was feeling a little tired my time for the 7 miles was actually the quickest this year. I did 1hr and 36 seconds for the Fornham Circular Run for an average of 8.39 miles. None of my miles was particularly quick the fastest being an 8.23 and the slowest 9. That seems to be the biggest difference between previous runs over this route as I have tended previously to slow on 1-2 miles and run a 9.20 or 9.30 miles.  My time today was a full 2 minutes quicker than when I ran this route on Jan 25th and nearly a minute quicker than on 22 Feb.

 What I take from this is that slowly both the longer runs and the tempo runs are beginning to pay off and I am seeing some small improvements in my times.

For Music Monday my offering this week is a song that is guranteed to make you run a minute a mile faster ! The legendary one and only Ramones - I don't wanna grow up


  1. Glad you could complete the run. I caved today and rode my bike instead.

  2. Seems as though there are a lot of runners out there going through the same. A lot of training, but I know you will bag it. You have supporters here that will get you through it. Wishing you well with your training as always. Great song btw


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