Monday, March 22, 2010

50 Essential Health Hacks for Serious Runners

You may be interested in taking a look at this post on the X Ray Technician Schools blog aimed at providing 50 essential health hacks for serious runners. These are hints to prevent injury , remain healthy and  keep hydrated.

Some of the hints are familiar ones I have seen before but some are new such as

sleeping in your running clothes! Not sure this would go down well with my better half but understand the logic. It is to help you go running first thing in the morning.

Practice belly breathing to maximise oxygen intake

Making sports drinks at home

Take a cold shower before running in the heat


  1. i slept in my workout clothes sometimes in college when i had to get up "so early" at 5am for morning practice (rowing team). it did help some days... just pop out of bed, grab bag, put on shoes, and go.

  2. Great Post Paul. I will be sure to check out that link. Thanks man. I sleep in my running clothes all the time, as they make good pjs. lol

  3. BTW, love the new picture up there!

  4. Thanks Lindsay and Kenley for your comments I had no idea that anyone wore running gear in bed !


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