Friday, March 19, 2010

Fornham Suffolk Circular Run

Lunch time today I did a seven mile circular run over a regular route. It always provides me with a bit of a benchmark of where my training is at.

Running out of Bury St Edmunds I visit the 3 villages of Fornham - St Martin St Genevieve and All Saints before returning home. The outward mile provides a couple of downhill sections but what goes down must come up and I climb the hills in the final mile.

Most of the rest of the course is pretty flat. Today my mile splits showed the following 8.01,8.09,8.26,8.21,8.24,8.34 and 9.05. This shows how poor I am at climbing hills. I have done no hill training in my half marathon training preferring just to build up my base mileage and core strength from the press ups programme.  Obviously if there are many hills in the up coming half marathon this is going to slow me down.

My time for today was 59.03 my best over this course this year and first time under an hour this year . The last time I ran quicker was the 10th June when I did 57.33 so again a long way to go to get back my fitness but I am heading in the right direction now.

This short video of the centre of Fornham All Saints is mainly of the church.  The church has been restored over the years but is mainly 13th century.

As you can tell from the video it was a fairly breezy day but mild and I again ran with just shorts and a technical t shirt


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