Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Five Mile Run


Saturday morning and the weather was set fair with a little drizzle in the air.

I was tired this morning before I started to run and consequently I ran a very slow five miles. It was however at the half marathon schedule pace of 9.09 miles.

I decided to run around the centre of the town which is possible on a Saturday before 8.30am as although the market stalls are set up there was very few people about .

I had the Abbey Gardens more or less to myself but unless you are going to run in circles over and over you need to venture a bit further afield if you are running five miles. So running out of the Abbey Gardens you pass through the old graveyard next to the St Edmundsbury cathedral shown in the  photo on this post.

There are many interesting old gravestones particularly in the old charnel. Mary Hasleton in the photo on this post was said to have been struck and killed by lightening in the act of prayer at the age of nine.

 The second photo is an epitaph to the prime mover and founder of Jamestown North America - Captain Gosnold. His daughter Mary is buried in this churchyard hence the naming of the place known as Martha's Vineyard


  1. Your post, buryblue, caused me to think of someplace I hadn't thought of for years, but where I also ran for probably the same number of years--Gosnold Hope Park in Hampton, Virginia. The ties that bind our two countries together are just amazing!

  2. i always enjoy seeing your photos from your runs. the age and architecture of europe (england) is so beautiful!

  3. Thanks Revrunner

    Gosnold was a Suffolk boy who grew in Bury St Edmunds. From what I have read if hadn't of been for Gosnold, North America would have been a Spanish territory and you would all now be speaking Spanish . Come to think of it not a bad thing and perhaps Gosnold has a lot to answer for!

  4. Thanks Lindsay it is always good as you know to get some feedback and a compliment from you is always appreciated

    Regards Paul


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