Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Review of My Running in February 2010

February. If I had to name my least favourite month of the year then February would be it. Its only redeeming feature is that it is short but nevertheless seems to drag. I think the reason I dislike February is that by this point I have had enough of the long nights and short days and it is usually cold and snowy. I am impatient come February for the longer days of Spring. February is usually the month when the new years resolutions fail and you are still paying off Christmas.

As for my running this February my stats show

  •  a total of 119 miles for the month which is down from 132 in 2009.
  • I ran on 16 days 
  • My biggest mileage week was 41.1 miles for this week beginning the 1st of Feb
  • My longest run was 12 miles on the 7th,14th and 27th of Feb
  • Fastest paced run was my tempo run on the 24th of Feb 5 miles in 40 mins 58  for 8.12 pace
  • Slowest run was a long run on the 7th of Feb 12 miles in 1hr 49 16 for a 9.06 pace
  • My average weekly rate is currently 32.9 miles
  • My target for the year is 1400 miles and I am currently up on this by about 52 miles
  • I have run 1 tempo run, 1 interval run  and 3 long runs
  • My weight is down from 86.5 to 84 kilos in this month
  • No hill sessions recorded which is a weakness for me at the moment
  • No races in February
  • I missed a weeks training between the 16th and 22nd February with a cold 
  • My tempo run pace improved to 8.11 average mile pace from 8.22 in January
  • My easy run pace was slightly quicker at 8.49 miles compared to 8.57 in January
  • My interval pace was 8.02 miles in February
  • My long run pace was 8.58 in February compared to 8.56 in January
Highlight and success of the month must be the long runs, I did 3 long runs of 12 miles which has at least given me a good basis for completing the half marathon at the end of March. I didn't do enough speed work this month partly because of the cold.


  1. february is definitely a tough month because the winter hasn't let up and spring still seems far away! you racked up some solid stats, and those 3 x 12 milers are excellent base for a half that is still 3-4 weeks away.

    thanks for stopping by my blog! i added you to my google reader and look forward to following along on your running adventures.

  2. Thank you very much Lindsay glad you stopped by I really welcome your comments and thoughts and of course I will be regularly visiting your excellent Chasing the Kenyans site

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