Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 miles around Great Saxham Suffolk

This morning I did my last run of week 10 of my half marathon training programme. I felt sluggish this morning not helped by the large curry and beers the night before. I had intended to do another 13 miler today but I forgot to restart my watch when I got to Gt Saxham .

As I ran uphill I saw a couple emerge froma field having feed their horses and immeadiately two labradors came bounding towards. I stopped at this point not knowing how friendly they would be. As it turned out perfectly harmless. However I couldn't run again , I tried but this only set the dogs off again so I walked up to the couple who were friendly and turned out to be the owners of Great Saxham Hall .

They were interested in what I was training for and explained that there daughter had run the London Marathon  a year or two ago. The hedgerows at Gt Saxham are carpeted in snowdrops but there is little sign of the daffodils at the moment which are late this year. This concerned the lady as she said they were holding an open day at their hall and gardens in 3 weeks time.

After this I forgot to restart my watch so I don't have a time or exact distance for my run but I believe it was around 9.5 miles.

My run had begun in Bury St Edmunds and I had run out to Little Saxham before taking the Barrow road and heading left up hill into Gt Saxham.

Further photos of Gt Saxham including some of the hall are avilable at my flickr photo site here


  1. Turns out that I might be running in a half-marathon relay this weekend. Hope the cycling I'm doing will be adequate preparation.

    Funny about the dogs! Better safe than sorry, huh?

  2. glad the dogs turned out to be friendly - that can be nervewracking! love seeing pics of where people run - a little bit of world tourism for me :)

  3. Thanks Revrunner hope your race goes well I am sure the cross training will help you cross the line

  4. Thanks Lindsay I am not scared of snakes or spiders but I am a little wary of encountering dogs on the run. My tactics are to come to a halt and try and talk to the dog this usually works but I think the dogs smell my fear!


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