Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Five Mile Run Horringer School /Hospital /Cullum rd/ Newmarket rd Bury St Edmunds

Tonights run was the shortest of the week being a five miler around a route I haven't run too much in recent months . Looking at my running log I have only run it once this year on the 4th of Feb  in 44 mins 15 seconds. Prior to this due to injury I last ran this route on the 28th June 2009 in 44.30.

As a course it is undulating , Glastonbury Road is a long uphill drag which seems to get steeper the further you get up the hill finally levelling out near the Glad Abbot Pub. Horringer Road has a nice downhill section before reaching the Spread Eagle Pub and another shorter climb up Vinery Road to the West Suffolk Hospital . Hardwick Lane is all up and down but no real hills . There is then a flat section along Cullum Road before reaching the Elephant and Castle Pub. Past this there is another fairly lengthy climb up Parkway before turning along Kings Road another downhill along Chalk Road. Risbygate St is flat before turning up Westley Road and back home.

Tonight I ran 43.12 for the 5 for an average 8.38 pace which I was happy with. This was 3rd run in 3 days following a 10 miler Monday and a 5.5 miler yesterday. I felt good with no problems with my breathing and coping with the hills fairly well.

My mile splits today were  8.43,8.21,8.25,8.55,8.38

I should have also mentioned yesterday in my review of my running in February that my weight is now down to 84 kilos or 185 lbs.

I started the year at 86.5 kilos or 190 lbs. My BMI now reads 27.3 which means I am overweight as I should have a BMI of 25 or lower. I am 13 stone 3lbs and should be around 12 stone. No wonder I run so slow!


  1. Wow, that is a lot of pubs to run by. I think you should do a run some time were you line them up and stop at each one for a beer. Sounds like a long ascent. Great job on your splits. And you know what they say..The more you run, the more weight you lose, and the more weight you lose, the faster you run. Take care.

  2. According to the Google converter, I weigh 13.66 stones or I guess you would say 13 stones and 3 pounds?

  3. Thanks all for your comments. Kenley like your idea for a running pub crawl, I have certainly done it at a walk before now!

    Looks like we are a similar weight Revrunner

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