Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Running training - The big week

This is week 11 of my Runners World SMART Coach training plan. It is the week when I am due to run the biggest mileage of the 12 week training plan. I doubt I will do the complete 51 miles of training but I hope to get above 41 miles and that will mean I have run the highest mileage of the schedule.

Next week is a taper week leading up to the race on Sunday week. This week I am supposed to do
  • Easy run 8 miles 
  • Tempo run of 8 miles including 6 tempo miles
  • Easy run of 7 miles
  • Easy run of 7 miles
  • Easy run of 7 miles
  • Long run of 14 miles
Tonight I ran 8 miles and I felt really good to the point where I didn't run easy I just let go as I felt I needed to and wanted to. What resulted was one of my quickest 8 miles of the year .
My splits show an 8.24,8.27,8.58,8.21,8.34,7.36,8.21,8.40. for a 1hr 7 mins 29 secs for the 8 miles which is an 8.26 pace.

The odd thing was the 7.36 mile ?! Where did that come from seems a bit odd on my garmin .

This week is daunting scary almost but I am through day 1.


  1. One down and only five more to go! Seriously, I feel like such a wimp when I only rode nine miles today. At least there were hills. :-)

  2. Great Job on your 8 miles esp with that sub 8 min mile. I know what you mean by "Where did that come from?" I have runs like that too. Your training is paying off it looks like. Way to go!


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