Monday, May 28, 2007

Point of Lay Chickens


It is like bringing a new born baby home from the hospital! The amount of attention and visits to the bottom of the garden to check on how our 4 point of lay chickens are doing. Unfortunately it has rained ever since we brought them home on Saturday. Our run being wire netting didn't keep the rain off so we bought some plastic corrugated sheeting to put over the top. This might be totally unnecessary but they didn't seem to like getting wet.

On the first night we were unsure if the chickens would be able to find their way up a ramp and into the the house to sleep. So when it was nearly dark I climbed into the chicken run and helped each bird into the house! The birds had been looking tired and about to sleep where they stood.

We hadn't noticed the chickens actually going into the house all day and we are told to keep them enclosed in the run for at least 2 weeks. However we had set their layer pellets up in a suspended feeder inside the house so we gave them a good handful of corn out in the run.

We have yet to name the birds. Any suggestions are welcomed. We have 4 birds a silver/white bird that is clearly in charge, 2nd in charge is the speckled hen and bottom of the pecking order is the blue/grey bird. The brown bird is docile and seems to be very friendly and doesn't seem to get any pecks from the othersAt the moment we have some ideas around characters in the Lord of the Rings. My son wants to call our brown chicken Anthony Worrall Thompson however they are all girls but thinking about it that is still ok.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by...if your chickens do eat snails I'll drop a bag over to you next time I'm in Bury St Eds....LOL
    Anthony Worrall Tompson is a bit of a mouthful! Like the Lord of the rings idea...or how about some of the Seven may be able to pick names to go with chickens characters...the docile one could be Bashful.


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