Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moreton Hall Bury St Edmunds

8am 10 miles in 1 hr 22 mins 28 secs

Week to date mileage 27 miles

Month to date mileage 104

Average weekly rate 29.4 miles

Average monthly rate 128

Year to date 618

Lifetime 10211

The clouds looked ominous as I set out for a long run this morning. I decided to venture up to Moreton Hall inspired by the recent growth in the no of bloggers in this area as read about on Living in Bury St Edmunds.

Running through town there was a good atmosphere as the continental market stalls and flower stands were being set up. Once again it was a pity that this was largely washed out by the heavy rains that followed.

A photo of Mothercare?

Why you might ask well until 1976 when it finally closed this was the Kings Head. The Inn had been serving customers since at least the early 18th century. According to Pigot's Directory the King's head was the starting point in the 1820's for stage wagon trips to London twice a week.

Along Mustow Street there is an dutch house and this interesting date of 1777.

During 1777 the American Revolution was in full swing with Cornwallis being defeated by Washington. Cornwallis made his home at Culford and was responsible for building the bridge at the top of my blog.

Up Mount Road there is this curious 'men' grafitti on a tree who knows what this is for? A meeting point for men, men wanted ?

I decided on a run around the Mount road plantations. With their being a bit of drizzle there was no else to be seen. Previous visits here have always been a bit challenging with many a dog let loose and the usual saying don't worry it won't bite .

I visited some of the very newest housing developments in Moreton Hall. I followed some recently opened pathways which eventually led to a dead end with a fence blocking my way.

With the area being a big building site the land disturbance has encouraged many poppies and ox eyed daisys

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  1. Thanks for visiting us up here on top of the hill. If you enlarge your photo of the fence and focus on the 3rd poplar tree on the left, you'll see there is a slight gap in the fence that you can fit through. Perhaps that's for your next visit. ;-)


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