Wednesday, January 18, 2006

West Suffolk Athletics Track Bury St Edmunds

6.30pm 5.6 miles in 45.0 minutes

Week to Date mileage 11

Month to date mileage 86

Average weekly rate 33.4

Average Monthly rate 145

Weather: mild and patchy drizzle

Tonights track session was 2 sets of 3 x 5 minute runs with a minute recovery in between and 5 minutes between each set.

The target was to run just below race pace and to do all of the intervals at a consistent speed so as to finish at the same spot on the track. I more or less achieved this with my early intervals being just over 1100 metres and the final ones being just about on 1100 metres.

I reckon this to be about 7.20 speed which is faster than my race pace rather than under it so I didn't follow this instruction too well but I was pleased with the consistency.

I did a couple of laps warm up and a further 4 laps warm down. All told a total of 9km or 5.6 miles .

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