Friday, January 27, 2006

Cullum Road/Ramada Hotel and Newmarket Rd Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

5.30pm 5.4 miles in 41 minutes 56 seconds

Week to Date mileage 18

Month to date mileage 128

Average weekly rate 33.2

Average Monthly rate 144

Weather: Cold some sleet

Hat and gloves and two sweat shirts weather but a lovely evening. I had a good run around a regular circuit I am continuing to use whilst I do most of my week day runs in the dark.
Looking back my times over this course include

13 Jan 41.30
2 Jan 42.42
23 Dec 43.34
9 Dec 42.0
6 Dec 42.04
29 Nov 42.17

So tonights time was my second best.

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