Wednesday, January 04, 2006

West Suffolk Athletics Track Bury St Edmunds

6.25pm 6.5 miles in 50 minutes

Year to date mileage 17

Month to date 17 miles

Weather: dry clear sky frost

It was too frosty to run on the track as the surface was like a skating rink so we ran on the inside on the grass. I warmed up with 6 laps and warmed down with a further 5 laps.

The coach had promised that the winter track sessions after Christmas would include longer timed intervals. He was true to his word and we ran 5 minutes then 7.5 minutes followed by a 10 minute run with recoveries in between before a 5 minute recovery. Then a further 7.5 minute run and a final five minutes. A total of 35 minutes all at the same pace.

Running on the grass was a little less stressful on the legs though you miss not being so aware of your times and the distance markers that running on the track provides.

Good session

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