Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Running and Vegetarianism


5.30pm 5.4 miles in 42 minutes 52 seconds

Week to Date mileage 5

Month to date mileage 49

Average Monthly rate 149

Weather: Drizzle mild

An easy run tonight in a slow time.

This is another picture of the church woods near Pakenham, Suffolk.

Here is a question for any runners out there and I am keen to hear your views. I am I suppose what is described as some form of semi vegetarian in that I don't eat meat but I do eat fish , milk and eggs. I never have liked the taste of red meat and gave up white meat such as chicken about 18 years ago after a memorable caravaning holiday in Wales led to several of us getting a bout of food poisoning. I gave up meat on taste grounds rather than any other particular reason or moral reasons.

I personally don't think being a vegetarian makes any difference to my running. I don't take any extra vitamin tablets as I think I have a good varied diet except for meat. But what do you think? Are any of you runners who are vegetarian? If so have you had any problems? Welcome your thoughts on this .

Anyone have any views


  1. I say if Scott Jurek does it, it can't be all that bad for your running!

    I want to become a "veg-head" but with a husband working at a meat and butcher block that doesn't go over so well.

  2. Marc at http://marcontherun.blogspot.com is a vegetarian I think as you described yourself but for environmental reasons. He'd be a good one to discuss this with.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I must admit i have never heard of Scott Jurek but I punched it in to google and see he is a bit of a legend! Seven time winner of a 100 mile endurance race and a trail runner of some note.

    I have also had a look at Marcontherun's site so thanks Andrew

    Cheers folks


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