Thursday, February 25, 2010

Running in the Rain

The thought of it is always worse than the experience. Tonight after work it was dark and it was steadily running.As I headed to change into my running gear just for a moment I had a passing thought  shall I give it a miss? What if I don't run tonight and instead do a longer session tomorrow to make up for it ? As its raining its a ready made excuse not to go and just give it a miss.

However with the weather being milder I ventured out and the steady rain meant I was fairly soaked through by the end of my 6.6 mile run. By then I didn't mind that it was raining , in fact after a mile I didn't mind that it was raining. I had actually forgotten how enjoyable it is to run in the rain as long as it is not combined with strong winds.

Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again
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When it is raining and you go past people on there way home from work with their umbrellas up and coats and scarfs trying to shelter from the elements they almost seem to give you a longer look than normal. Whats in their minds? Perhaps it is pity cause you are wet. Or maybe it is a thought that you, a runner in the rain, must be crazy. After all what are you doing out running its dark, cold and wet are you mad! Perhaps some secretly admire you and it might just inspire 1-2 to give running a go or take up some form of exercise.

As I ran round avoiding most but never all of the big puddles the air feels cleaner and fresher from the benefit of the rain. I know the shower will feel so much better after a run in the rain.Its the contrast of having overcome the elements returning home soaked and then warming up under a hot shower and feeling glowingly good afterwards.

Having said all of this I will still look to the heavens and wish it was dry next time I am due to run and it is raining! 

Another run in the bag as part of my half marathon week  8 training schedule. Only another 4 and a bit weeks before the race.


  1. No rain here, but we do have the winds. A nor'easter is raging off the coast. Fortunately, we're not expected to get the snow New England is.

    Glad you were able to muster the courage to go out and face the elements!

  2. Great Post. I dont mind a good run in the rain, as long as, as you said, the wind isnt in the picture. Good point as to what other people think trying to escape from the elements. 4 more weeks in counting. I wish you the best in your training and for the race itself.


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