Monday, February 22, 2010

First Run for a week!


I lost a week's training following a heavy cold but eventually felt well enough to venture out this morning for a run.

I missed the 10k race at Bungay it just came too soon . I had full intentions of running it and I took tablets to try and clear my head but the weather was awful cold rain and sleet. I just felt too weak to do a race feeling lousy and in bad weather.A pity really seeing as I had entered in advance and paid for it.

This morning I had a renewed determination to get out and run regardless, just as well as snow returned to day. It snowed for the hour of my run but generally I had no problems with slipping my Asics coping well.

Half way through the run a bus made no attempt to avoid a big slushy puddle and I got mushed from head to toe. I turned and swore but I was just happy to be back running and laughed it off , inconsiderate drivers are part of the running survival experience along with extreme temperatures snow , wind and heat.

A week out of training and I was a little stiff my left leg felt a bit tight but generally I was ok and completed the 7 miles in 1hr 1min 33 secs. I followed a regular route around the villages of Fornham.

How does the week with a cold affect my training programme for the half marathon? Week 8 of the Runners World SMART Coach plan calls for 6 days of running and 44 miles including a long run of 12 miles and a tempo run of 5 miles.

Whether I can just jump back in the saddle and complete all of this is open to question especially with the weather forecast being pretty lousy all week .

I am just glad to be running again and I will give it a go and see what happens.

My Music Monday offering is the Cinematics with the very apt song Break


  1. the cinematics remind me of a mix between the cure and depeche mode. weird huh. Glad to hear you are back after a cold. I THOUGHT I was going to run when I went on a mini vacation in NC, but that didnt happen as I could not fit it in the busy schedule. The weather was perfect though. That damn bus. What is worse? getting hit, or getting hit with sludge? There will be more races for you out there in due time. I would shrug it off and get back into training mode. But, remember, you are not a paid athlete so dont over do it. Take care. Great post.

  2. Thaks Kenley good to hear you had a break in NC. I will take being hit by the sludge every time



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