Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I sold the moon

On my rest day I downloaded another free audio book from Podiobooks.com called I sold the Moon ( a true storey ) by Barry McArdle

This is already an enjoyable listen and will accompany me on some of my training runs in the next week or two on my IPOD.

The forward for the book

Just because it happened, doesn't mean you'll believe it.

Take a rollicking ride through the 1970s with the original Moon Man, Barry McArdle, a silver-suited street performer and comic philosopher who spent ten years crisscrossing America selling lunar real estate (transportation not provided). As told by the author, I Sold the Moon! explores how a young man, fresh out of college, could get the idea that he could claim the moon, and then sell it. Exactly what drugs was he on? Well??..

Moon Man's adventures are paralleled throughout by a more earthly concern: his romance with a young woman as adventurous as he, in the turbulent days of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The story of this "first love" is threaded from the opening chapter until the final page. I Sold The Moon! is for anyone who believes in following their dreams and searching for true love. It's cosmic, perceptive, passionate and fun. Mostly fun. Hear it here from the one, the only, the original Moon Man.


  1. Ahhh, another audio book fan. I am a member of audiobook.com. I am pleased with their service and offerings. I will have to check out podiobooks.com. Great book review. Maybe you should do a blog on that? I am more into science fiction. Take care, glad you enjoyed your rest day. I am taking a rest week. lol

  2. Thanks Kenley, audiobook is the biggest and best though podiobooks is totally free but of course unknown authors so you have to take a chance on the quality!!

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