Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hundred Push Ups

This was a rest day for me but I still did some push ups.

My first push ups for a week and it showed! I decided to do week 6 day 2 programme again and did sets of 14,14,15,15,10,10,14,14 and a final set of 30.

I am not sure how many will be running the Stowmarket Half Marathon I am doing at the end of March but it won't be anyway near the number who have entered to take part in the the world's biggest halfmarathon, the Great North Run in Newcastle England. The 2010 race has attracted a record number of applications to take part in the 30th anniversary of the event.

More than 100,000 have entered  to run on September 19 - and the organisers will stage a ballot this week to confirm the 54,000 entrants.


  1. 54,000 entrants! Whoa! I think I'll pass. The plane trip over would be a tad expensive anyway. :-)

  2. Anonymous9:20 am


  3. Good job on your push ups! I'm doing each week twice so I'm finishing my second round of week one today. I'll start two weeks of week two on Saturday. I want nice arms so I hope this works. I'll start the pull up challenge after. Ha

  4. Thanks Revrunner I have run the London Marathon obviously with big numbers but I have to say I am equally at home with much smaller races so I have never done the Gt North

  5. Thanks Mo I am sure you already have wonderful arms but the push ups will surely give some tone and be great help for your softball

    Regards Paul


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