Thursday, February 11, 2010

The calm before the storm

Looking at my half marathon training programme week 6 is comparatively easy compared to what is coming up with a marked increase in mileage. So far I have kept to the programme though I have miscalculated the no of weeks there are until the half marathon as I should have been following a 12 week schedule.

 This means I actually have one extra week ! I have been a bit uncertain on what I should do on my training plan either to repeat this easy week or suddenly up the mileage again.

What I have decided to do is include a long run this week end and replace the scheduled 6 miler with a 11 or 12 miler instead. This will mean this week still has a quality run and then make next week the additional week 7  the easier week though on the Sunday I have booked my self in to do a 10k race at Bungay Suffolk .

Just hope that the weather is good and not too windy. I can treat the Bungay race as a fast tempo run and will be my first race since June 09.

Races at Bungay are always very well organised , with good hot food at the end and supportive marshals . The local club are known as Bungay Black Dog


  1. An extra week. Seems as though you made a good choice of what to do with it. Good luck with your long runs.

  2. Thanks Kenley I am looking forward to the 10k race though nervous in case I blow it!


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