Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Easy 6 miles to Fornham St Martin Suffolk

When I got home from work I just had an hour or so of day light and wanted to get my run in. However this was the moment that the promised snow showers started and for a good hour visability was very poor as the ground gradually became covered in a layer of fresh crisp whiteness.

Thankfully in between snow showers I got my hat and gloves, tracksters and thermal top and headed out. Numbingly cold to begin but I soon warmed up as I decided to do a 3 mile out and back course that I haven't done since last year. My schedule called for an easy 6 miles at 9.15 pace but I am never very good at judging this. I just tend to run how I feel without consciously putting in any extra effort so I am running at a comfortable pace  so I not breathless but nor am I jogging.

I kinda know fairly soon how the run is going to go for me once I am a couple of miles into the run and today felt good. At the moment there is a pattern where every alternate run feels good followed by a run where my run feels more laboured my breathing isn't so good and I am have one or two aches.

My splits today were 8.26,8.36,8.39,8.27,8.38 and 9.06 for a total of 51.54 for the 6 miles. Average pace 8.39. Thats my quickest 6 miles this year and more like it though loads of room for improvement I hope. I ran the same course back in April 09 in 50.14 which shows just how much my pace has slipped since being injured.

I listened to the Pretenders on my IPOD whom I saw last year when we went to the Lattitude Festival in Suffolk. One of the star performers and now a bit of a legend was Chrisse Hynde

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  1. Glad you were able to knock out that run in between the weather there. We have a mass of snow here that will probably be here until summer now. Not out of breathe and not jogging. cool. As a new runner, does pace define a jog or run, or is it your effort? Great split times. You will rock this race.


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