Saturday, February 03, 2007

Parkgate Woodland Walk Fornham St Genevieve

8.30am 10.2 miles in 1 hr 25 mins 49 secs

Week to date mileage 23 miles

Month to date mileage 17

Average weekly rate 33.1 miles

Average monthly rate 144

Year to date 156

Lifetime 9749

I set out on a cold and crisp morning and ran through Bury St Edmunds graveyard. Yes I do wonder if this is the right thing to do but graveyards are for the living and I would stop and walk if I saw anybody else paying respects but there was no one else there.
I continued through the graveyard and out at the top of Kings Road ,before running downhill to Risbygate St. I crossed over and up Grove Road towards the schools. St Edmundsbury Primary School was was my 2nd school after Victoria Street Infant School so it always brings back various memories running past.

The Grove Road Community Garden is new to me anyway I haven't seen this before , but not to say it hasn't been here a few years.

I ran along Spring Lane before emerging from the back of King Edwards School near Springfield Rd and Tayfen Lane and up over Station Hill. Along Fornham Rd,I stopped at the Seventh Day Adventist Church just beyond the railway bridge to get a picture of this bright green building.

Nearly opposite are the ruins of the 13th century St Saviour's Church. Little remains and it is now penned in by Tescos.

I continued along Fornham Rd and through Fornham St Martin before taking the turning into Parkgate Woodland Walk. Here the snowdrops are plentiful.

There is little to see from here of the old Fornham Hall Estate but you can see the ruin of a church destroyed by fire in 1782.

Although quite small this is an interesting woodland walk, you can park your car outside and read the many information signs dotted around. It is a bit wet in places so the duckboards come in handy.

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