Wednesday, August 10, 2005

West Suffolk Athletics Track


6.30pm 6 miles in 48 mins.
Year to date mileage 728
Month to date 48 miles

Weather: Heavy shower for 20 mins and then dried up.

Tonights interval work consisted of 6 minutes at 10k pace 1 min rest followed by another 6 minutes and 1 min rest and then 600 metres at 1500 metre pace.

After a five minute recovery we did 5 mins, 1 min rest 5 mins 1 min rest and a 400 metre at 800 metre pace.

The track was full of puddles following the downpour but it was a well atended session.

The sports centre at Bury St Edmunds remains closed following serious fire damage in September 2004. It is hoped that the majority of facilities will be opened by the end of this year. Full details of the facilities available at the web site below.

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