Friday, August 05, 2005

Hardwick Path & Clare Footpath


1pm 7 miles in 59 mins. Year to date mileage 697 miles, Month to date 18 miles, average miles per week this year 22.5 and average per month 98.

Weather: Sunshine and clouds.

Course: From the town centre head towards the West Suffolk Hospital picking up the footpath for the St Edmunds Way. This takes you through Hardwick Heath and you then pick up the Clare footpath. I returned on the same route when I reached Horsecroft farm.

Hardwick Heath was a former prisioner of war camp which housed many Italian troops in temporary accommodation. The prisioners were put to work building roads and many of them stayed after the war.

This statue has seen better days . Its design is to provide a drinking trough for dogs and horses. It is however a memorial stone to a victorian author called Ouida. Real name was Louise Rame was born in Bury St Edmunds -1839- 1908.

This memorial stone was placed in 1908 from funds raised by national newspapers . Apparently several thousand people came from all over the country to pay tribute to this author who was one of the most popular novelists of her age.

I have never seen or read one of her stories. They appear to be romantic tales and include

Under Two Flags (1867), Moths (1880), and In Maremma (1882). Her stories for children include Two Little Wooden Shoes (1874), Bimbi (1882), andthe Dog of Flanders (1872).

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