Saturday, August 06, 2005

Nowton Park & Nowton


9am 9.5 miles in1hr and 22 mins.
Year to date mileage 707 miles
Month to date 27 miles
Average miles per week this year 22.7
Average per month 99.

Weather: Sunshine and clouds.

Course: Follow the Bury to Clare Footpath. Start from Nowton Park and turn inti Nowton Road. Turn left up the driveway to Breckley Ley. At the bridleway sign turn left and when you reach the narrow road turn right . Turn right again at the next bridleway sign which takes you over fields . When you reach the wood turn left until you reach a trig point showing a height of 84 feet above sea level. I then took various paths and got thoroughly lost at one point being hemmed in between a hedge on one side with brambles and a field of wheat on the other.

I eventually arrived at St Peters Church at Nowton after going through High Green. The church is really in splendid isolation there being no village nearby. Why is the charge in the middle of nowhere ? I can only presume it was for the benefit of the residents at the nearby Nowton Hall.

After this turned around and followed path back into Nowton Park and ran around here for a couple of miles. A nice easy long run.

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