Wednesday, August 03, 2005

West Suffolk Athletics Track


6.30pm 5.5 miles approx in 46.50. Year to date 690 miles, August mileage 11 miles.

Weather sunny with a good breeze.

Tonights interval work consisted of 4 minutes at 10k pace followed by a 500 metre sprint followed by another 4 minutes and a 400 metre sprint . A five minute rest and then a further 4 minutes followed by 400 metre sprint and a final 4 minutes followed by a 300 metre sprint.

I only began going to the regular Wednesday track sessions since the 15th of June. I am hoping this will help give me to 'two gears ' which is one more than at present as I often feel I run at the same pace all the time.

At the moment when I am running 4 minutes around the track I run a 400 metres in a regular 1.45 pace for a couple of laps and I manage another 50 metre -100 metres before the 4 minutes is up so I probably run about 7 minute mile pace.

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