Monday, August 23, 2010

Thirty Minute Jog in Bury St Edmunds

August has been a very wet month after a better than average summer. At least that is what I think it has felt like. After heavy rain last night it has rained for several hours today as well.

However I timed my run well at lunch time when it was sunny and headed out for a 30 minute easy jog at the slowest heart rate blue zone pace.

The heart rate is useful to help you gauge your effort. As my fitness improves, I should notice that I am able to run faster for the same effort. However I am just 2 weeks into using the heart rate monitor as my method of training rather than by pace or distance.

My achievement today was running for the 3rd day in a row  injury free.

Trying to keep the Adidas mi coach heart rate zone has given my running a new focus at the moment. I have the option to switch to running by pace and I daresay at some point I will try this in the future but for the moment I am sticking to training by heart rate monitor.

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  1. I think heart rate is definitely the way to go and you are right the value of the Micoach is that it focuses your attention and gives a structure


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