Thursday, August 19, 2010

Horringer Fair and Best Run since injury!


Today I ran a short interval session which had 3 paces or heart race zones - blue , green and yellow. Coaching is good on the Adidas Micoach especially on the interval sessions as you are regularly getting advised to speed up or slow down to try and hit the heart rate zones.

My session included 6 faster paced yellow zone runs and 6 intermeadiate green zone runs and easy paced jogging in the blue zone for 10 minutes.

What I enjoyed most was no pain from my foot and I was able to almost entirely not think about the possibility of my injury returning to haunt me.
I am still running short distances but all being well will slowly start to add more time on the run rather than aiming for distance.

I am still getting used to trying to run according to the heart rate zones rather than at one flat rate pace. My score of 42% is one of the better ones to date and shows just how far I have to go to get fit.

Run Stats

25 mins
2.8 miles
9.06 minute miles

140 bpm average
Score 42%

Stride rate 190 steps a minute
I am following an Adidas Micoach schedule which runs over 16 weeks until early December. My main aims are to avoid injury, get fit and lose weight. I won't be doing any races though I am following the Micoach Half marathon schedule. If all goes well then I may look for a race but I doubt there will many road races in December.

Photos are from the recent Horringer Fete including a ring of Morris women!


  1. it's probably best to not be looking for a race yet - don't want to re-tweak your foot! sounds like the micoach program is doing you well so far.

  2. Cheers Lindsay seems to be doing the trick!


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