Sunday, August 22, 2010

5th Annual World Wide Festival of Races

As I return from injury I said I wouldn't be doing any races. I have quickly changed my mind as I have entered this morning the World Wide Festival of Races. This is the 5th annual race and is being held over the week end of the 9th/ 10th of October 2010.The difference with this race is that I need merely to step out of my front door and I will be the race starter!

You can run on your own, with a group of friends or enter a local road race scheduled for the  weekend of 9/10 October.

Take a look at the website it is easy to register and enter a race distance of your choice. You can chose to do a 5k , 10k or a half marathon. With my current level of fitness a 10k race will suit me and I registered for this.

I was entrant no 398 and so far the only entry from Bury St Edmunds though there is a fellow Suffolk runner at Haverhill. There are runners from 32 countries at the moment.Last years total entrants was over a 1000 and this years will probably surpass this.

The race is a totally free, fun world wide community run. You can share your training and progress and then register your time and results afterwards. In a sense it is not a real race as there is no prizes for the fastest time and with different time zones many of us will be running at different times. However why not register if you are not doing anything else this week end it should be fun for any runner and fellow blogger.

I am not sure where I will chose to run - from my front door or perhaps select a location somewhere in Suffolk. Let me know if you register it would be interesting to know if you do. 

You can hear more about the race on a number of running pod casts  including the Runners Round Table.


  1. This is really neat man. I think I will register for the 100 meter dash. lol. will def check it out.

  2. Ok thanks Kenley though 5k is the shortest distance!


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