Saturday, August 28, 2010

Longest Run since injury

I ran for an hour this morning recording 6.5 miles in my diary. Felt pretty good and a few hours on my foot hasn't flared up to cause me any problems. It felt a little tight when I finished and I was wondering if the the dreaded plantar fasciitis had returned.
Beside the River Lark

However I think I am OK and it is just my body saying what are you doing ? My breathing isn't quite smooth and regular as I lack any stamina, I feel like a slow slug because of the extra weight I am carrying but I am happy to be running again
Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds

Today I was able to run a bit further afield. Up to now all my runs have been so short that I haven't had time to venture far or felt confident enough that I wasn't going to break down injured and therefore didn't want to be several miles from home.

I went out of Bury St Edmunds and up the Rushbrooke lane. This morning was a little cool with an Autumn feel in the air but thankfully after almost two days of continuous rain there was some sunshine.

I returned through Bury St Edmunds past the Haberdean Rugby Ground and along No Mans Meadow and the River Lark. Through the Graveyard and up Abbeygate St and Risbygate to home.
Rushbrooke Lane

Good work out . My mileage for the week at the moment is very low only totalling around 16. I am gradually adding more time to 1-2 runs per week and as I do my total mileage will rise hopefully to get a solid base of 30 -40 miles . If my body is willing?

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  1. slow and steady! you saw how much time off you had to take from the PF, don't push it too much too soon. take it slow and you will be back to 30-40mpw soon enough, instead of back on the injured list!


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