Friday, March 16, 2007

Bury 10


I have just scanned a number of photos from the early 80's including these from the old Bury 10. These photos were taken on the 12th of June 1983. I can be precise as I still have my running diaries from this time which showed I completed the course in 1hr 22 minutes.
If anyone knows the old course I would really like to know. I do know this race started and finished pretty much outside Lloyds Bank so was guaranteed good number of spectators. What a pity it isn't still the case!

These photos are interesting to the non runner as well as they show a number of landmarks which are no longer including Purdy's, the old Bus Station, the old Focus Cinema the Castle Pub, the Co-op, Halfords and Debenhams. I will load more on to my Flickr site.

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