Monday, May 24, 2010

Off to Hessett

White Horse Beyton

Out of bed at 6am and off for a cycle ride whilst it was still cool and before work. Yes this morning it was already lovely and warm and I knew I had to get out early before it became to hot later in the day.

My cycle ride this morning felt a lot easier and the saddle didn't bite half as much so if nothing else I am wearing my back side in!  I followed theNational Route 51 out to Thurston. The cycle route is part of Sustrans one of the UK's leading sustainable transport charities.

Beyton Suffolk
From here I followed the Thurston Rd into Beyton and turned near the White Horse pub on the road up to Hessett. I stopped for a quick drink at All Saints Church Beyton, this is one of those lovely round tower buildings. Beyond Hessett I followed the same road turning right at Smallwood Green before emerging at Bradfield Woods.

From here the Felsham Rd took me through Bradfield St George , Lt Whelnethum , Sicklesmere and home.

Railway Crossing at Thurston
My route was a total of 17.5 miles which took me 1hr 33 mins. My pace per mile is coming down but is still less than 12 miles an hour so can be classified as very a beginner which I am - having cycled 3 times this year! My pace per mile is now about 5.20 which is down from 5.45 .

All Saints Beyton
Its progress and I hope to get under 5 minute miling. Thats my target as I build up to the Juneathon.

Suffolk Words, Sayings and Stories

A friend of mine was walking up Abbeygate St in Bury St Edmunds, behind two very smartly dressed girls. A woman on the other side of the street waved her hand to the girls in greeting  whereupon the following remark from one of the girls fell upon my friends astonished ears :
Hessett Village Sign
'Why do her wave to we? Us don't know she'

In a corner of Suffolk I recently heard a woman with her child and dog in a railway booking station ask for 'A houle, a half and a pup return ticket'

I had a clear out recently of race t shirts. At so many races now the organisers give out a race t shirt often with the name of the race and the sponsors and quite often these are cotton not technical shirts. I was hoarding these shirts but never hardly  wearing them. I was running out of space in a wardrobe and these were the culprits so I have now got rid. This got me thinking as to what you would prefer as a race prize. Cheaper race entry and no prize? A medal? A  t shirt ? A certificate? A goodie bag with some food and drink? Or perhaps you have entered a race and had something fairly unique as a prize?

Personally I go with the medal which has some what gone out of fashion in recent years. Let me know your preference.


  1. A drink?! That wouldn't have been an Abbot Ale, would it? And I thought this was supposed to be a "fitness ride"! :-) Geez! At the rate I bike, I'd have to ride another 20 miles just to burn off the beer!

    Besides, there aren't any pubs around here--well, at least none where you'd be welcome in your bike clothes. So the best I can do is to carry a bottle of Gerolsteiner's with me.

  2. Great job on your cycling, as you are making improvements. As always, thanks for sharing the photos, ..nice. What do you bring along with you to determine your biking results as far as pacing, etc..? I am for medals and t-shirts. Take care. Looks like you are having fun with the biking scene. Keep it up.


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