Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just spotted this over at JogBlog Running Blog and thought this would be the perfect pick me up for a runner who is injured. This should provide a bit of motivation and a target for me starting next week.

Aparently it is in its 4th year and for the thousands who sign up you commit to at least try and do some form of exercise every day for the  month of June. You can run,cycle,walk,lift weights or any other form of exercise. You just need to talk about it every day as  well on your blog or on face book.

I intend to either be cycling or doing press ups and sit ups whilst I can't run. With the football world cup starting on the 11th of June in Sth Africa  there is a big temptation to reside on the coach of doom for a month and eat and drink. Not saying I won't be doing this but the exercise should help combat the beer and pizza!


  1. I think 'thousands who sign up' might be stretching it a bit, but welcome to Juneathon!

  2. True it might be a little bit of an exaggeration but mighty oaks from little acorns grow , Rome wasn't built in a day .......!!!

    Thanks Jogblog it looks good fun anyway

  3. Juneathon! Great! Very motivating for some one coming back or nursing an injury Id say. Thanks for sharing Paul. Still praying for your foot to get better. BTW, I am using the smart coach for my half in sept as today was the first day of training. WhoooHooooo! Take care buddy.


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