Saturday, May 29, 2010

A cycle ride to Lackford

I warmed up for Juneathon with a 16 .4 mile ride out to Lackford in Suffolk.  I woke early this morning and eventually got up at 6.30am. The weather was overcast and the dark clouds threatened rain as I set off through Bury St Edmunds and out of town to Fornham Saint Martin. Out at Culford I disturbed a muntjac deer which was crossing the road and then made a bolt for it crashing through undergrowth to reach safety. Muntjac deer were in the local news this week after repeatedly raiding allotments in Bury St Edmunds the local gardeners want some action to cull them.

At Brockley Corner I decided to veer towards West Stow rather than Ingham. I notice on the map there is at Brockley Corner a Hill of Health Tumulus. Not sure how this got it's name ironic for a burial mound.

After West Stow I followed the road past the Anglo Saxon Village. Here you are just within the KIng's Forest . Here there is a mixture of pines and broadleaf trees and you are always likely to see deer. I turned for home along the Mildenhall Road and the next village I reached was Lackford. The run for home was fairly straight taking me though Flempton, Hengrave, Fornham All Saints and home.

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  1. Had to click on the deer thingy to see what that was about. Last night on my drive I saw a lot of deer body parts in the road. Almost hit a couple. Ahhhh. Hope all is going well for you, thanks for sharing the pics and the story. King's Forest? Who lives there? Nice facebook badge too btw.


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