Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Cycle ride to Tuddenham Suffolk

My cycle ride today turned into a little longer ride than I planned. I forgot to take a map and the route I planned wasn't possible as I missed a turn. Still I came up with an alternative circular ride of 20 miles my longest yet.

My route took me from Bury St Edmunds through the villages of Risby, Cavenham and out to Tuddenham. The name, Tuddenham, dates back to AD 854 and is derived from the Anglo Saxon ‘Tudda’s home’ and is about 10 miles out north west from Bury St Edmunds. The icknield way passes through the village which is on the edge of heathland

I had planned to turn towards Higham and Gazeley but instead found myself 10 miles out. Rather than directly turnaround and follow the same route back I instead followed a road back to Higham, Barrow, Gt Saxham and Lt Saxham and then back into Bury.

The verge on the route between Lt Saxham and Bury  was covered in poppies and other wild flowers.

Total time for the ride was 1hr 43 minutes for the 20 miles for a 5.10 mile pace


  1. 20 miles all right man. How have you been with traffic? Any bad encounters yet? Your biking has inspired me to go air up my tires on my K2. If you could be so kind as to direct me with any other kind of gear that would be of necessity. I will start doing that in a week or so for cross training. Its a really nice bike and I hate to just see it go unused. Way to go on finding an outlet to get your exercise in.

  2. nice ride! love the pics as always - can't say it enough. glad you are able to stay active while your foot is giving you trouble.


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