Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Puddle Splashing

I am laughing about it know. However at the time I stopped running and gave the driver a pleasant wave well actually more of a Maxwell House coffee handshake gesture. The cause of this? I was on one of my regular runs around Fornham when a driver seemed to veer in towards the puddle beside the pavement kerb side. A large wash of muddy water left me soaked down my left side. I am sure the driver took a lot of pleasure from it and as I say I quickly found it funny but at the time with the temperature being freezing with some sleet and drizzle in the air and a further 4 miles to run I could have done without it. Believe it or not there is a £2,500 fine for inconsiderate driving according to this article in the Times. According to this article in the Daily Express someone failed there test as a result of splashing as the driving instructor said they should have stopped and exchanged insurance details!

Continuing on the theme of driving on my run around Fornham I run past one of the most famous roundabouts in England. What do you mean you have never heard of it! The Island Shrine of St Genevieve is a celebrated landmark according to an organisation called SABRE. Something to do with all four arms on the roundabout having the same number, the B1106.

Apparently members make pilgrimages to various road sites around the country and this roundabout is on the itinerary.

As for my run I lost all concentration and plodded out my 7 miles listening to The Cinematics - Break

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