Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mid Winter - Holiday Break Run and Push Ups


Finished work today and to celebrate went for a run this evening. After two family do's and a meal at work I was in need of a run to burn off a few calories. However although there has been no more snow since Monday the ice and snow lingers and it is making it difficult to do any decent running. I haven't run since Saturday and feel the need over the Christmas break to put in some regular mileage weather permitting.

So tonight I decided to find a patch of ice free road and do some repetitions up and down along Newmarket Road in Bury St Edmunds. As I was running in a side road from the main road there was very little traffic and the road was fairly ice free apart from some spots of black ice where my footing would slip so you couldn't have absolute confidence.

I ran over to Newmarket Road doing 1.83 miles in a time of 15.17. My private strip of snow / ice free road ( why was this an oasis of snow free road? No idea) was around a quarter of a mile .23 mile to be precise.

My lap times for .23 of a mile were 1.51, 1.58, 1.57, 2.00, 2.02 and 1.58 a total of 1.41 miles in 11.48.

My run home after this was a good deal slower on the ice.

After my post yesterday about push ups I decided to start again. The push ups demonstrated in the video on the 100 push ups site indicated a bend in the arms which takes your chin almost to the ground. Prior to seeing the video I think when I first did this and scored 30 this was with a slight bend in the arms . I am sure I have seen only a slight bend in some push ups performed on tv. However I started again tonight after my run and I could only do 16 full push ups with full arm bends. So I have a long way to go to reach 100.

The initial "exhaustion" test places you in to a category for the push up work outs to follow.

I started day 1 today which involved sets of push ups doing 10 , 12 , 7, 7 with a minute gap between. For the final set you can do your maximum. I left it for 3 minutes and managed 17.

My arms are like jelly!

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