Sunday, June 05, 2011

Juneathon Day 5 - 2011

Day 5 means I have already reached the milestone of one sixth of the way to completion of Juneathon. Looked at that way it means a very small slice of the overall 30 day event we call Juneathon but time flies when you are enjoying your self.

Today being Sunday I allowed myself a bit of a rest so I ran this afternoon and did yet another 4 mile run bringing my total to 20 miles for the 1st 5 days.

The roses are particularly good this year due to the long dry spell of weather in East Anglia and I stopped to capture this photo on my run.

For this Juneathon I am using an energy shot that I have been sent to try called Voltz. It is a little wee 60ml shot of vitamins, minerals and caffeine. Juneathon seems the perfect test to see how this product performs and whether it will help to see me through the 30 days of continuous running.  So far so good. On the plus side I like the fact that it is a wee drink completed in 4-5 mouthfuls. I have been taking it prior to my runs and have had no adverse effect apart from the once when I had the shot and immediately went for my run - then the drink repeated on me and I found myself bringing up the drink again. So for me best to have the drink and run about 10 minutes later.

Voltz Citrus flavour drink reminded me of crushed fruit gums in water not that I recall ever doing this or to say this is a bad thing. I actually like this taste and it is very drinkable.

There are so many variables with running performance so it is very hard to say whether any one product makes any noticeable difference. However I have felt more alert so far and felt I fairly easily achieved my runs and could have gone further. Could this be Voltz giving me a little kick to help with my performance. I like to think so and whether this is a placebo effect or not matters little as I seem to be winning with an improved

Voltz energy shots contain only 3 calories and are sugar free so I am not going to put on any weight!

I am not sure if it was just the bottles I was sent or not but the small print on the bottle was in Greek I think although being produced in Hampshire England.

Price of these drinks varies but you can buy them at around £1.50 or a dozen for £18. So they are not cheap

Packaging Rating 6 good small bottle /better if wording was in English

Taste Rating   8 Good for me

Energy Rating  8 certainly gives me a boost

Value rating  6 I am a bit stingy so price seems a little high

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