Thursday, June 02, 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 2 - RunBreeze Socks


Another lovely warm and sunny day and with no side effects from yesterdays run there were no barriers to me doing a 5 miler. The only real constraint was time as I needed to be back in order to meet with a cousin who out of the blue contacted me to discuss ancestry and our family tree sharing as we do the same great grandfather.

My Garmin 205 also seems to have given up the ghost and the battery no longer holds a charge. It may be dead but I am searching for a solution before looking at alternatives. For the moment I am using a standard watch and running courses where I know the distance I have covered.

However I digress as Juneathon day 2 gave me a chance to try out for the first time some running socks that I had been sent by a company called RunBreeze. The first thing I noticed was the good comfy snug fit . OK I only ran 5 miles in them but they were good as my feet remained cool and there was no warming sensation which you can get from some socks after a few miles. I shall them regularly over the next month of Juneathon and hopefully test them out over some longer runs

RunBreeze state this about their socks

"10 Reasons to choose Technical Running Socks over normal everyday socks:
1. The material. use breathable fabrics such as CoolmaxTM that help wick moisture away from the feet which can cause irritation.  
2. The Fit.  Normal socks move up and down the foot and are one of the reasons for blisters. Technical running socks are designed ergonomically around the shape of the foot so movement is limited and the sock stays in position.
3. The toe.  A RunBreeze sock has a seamless toe.  This helps prevents rubbing at the end of the toes which occur in a normal sock.
4. Achilles Heal protection.  On RunBreeze’s trainer liner range they have a padded support where the Achilles Heal sits, to help prevent rubbing on this area.
5. The Mid-Foot.  A technical running sock will have a Mid-Foot grip to help keep the sock in place.  In a normal sock a lot of people find their socks slip down, this won’t be the case with a properly fitted sock with a mid foot grip.
6. Left and Right Footed.  Socks designed to fit both of our feet properly.  Our feet our different shapes, so your socks should be too.
7. Cushioning.  Having a more cushioned area at the bottom of the sock like on the RunBreeze Cushioning sock helps with impact protection on your feet (they are very comfortable too!)
8. Anti Blister.  Blisters are a runners nemesis.  Help prevent them by using double layered technology like in the RunBreeze Anti Blister sock.  You don’t get that in your normal sock!
9. Health.  RunBreeze asked 100 people how long they keep socks and the average response was 8 years!!  Running socks should be changed just like trainers or kit. have a sock calculator that tells you how many socks you will need per year depending on how many times you run and allowing you to change regularly without breaking the bank!
10. Performance.  You want to get the most out of your run so get a technical running sock.  They are lighter as they get rid of sweat quicker, they fit better and are more comfortable – all that means a big personal best for you!"
The anti blister socks that I am using are priced at £8 each and if this prevents me getting blisters during Juneathon 2011 then they have got to be worth it.

For today's run I followed a route through Bury St Edmunds along the River Lark and into the Abbey Gardens. Even at 8am it was warm work but enjoyable.

Total Juneathon mileage 8 miles.

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  1. Hope the socks work out for you. Well done on another 5 miles


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